The short answer is: "No, not yet."

Below the longer answer.

We want to bring back support for the button for two reasons:

  1. We believe Lifeline is more suited for the button than the original software.
  2. We owe it to everyone who supported us. Plus, Tim owes it to Russell—his cofounder and the product designer of the button—because Russell's gorgeous button doesn't deserve to stand idle as a paperweight.

But... Lifeline is a new take on the original Saent software, both the UX and the underlying architecture. We had to start from scratch, which means we'll also have to build the connection with the button from zero.

Doing this is a relatively complex undertaking. Before we embark on such a journey, we first want to get Lifeline's user experience right and generate a small cushion of recurring revenue from subscriptions. Then, we will bring back support for the Saent button— please do hold on to it if you have one.

We currently don't have a timeline for this. We hope we can do it before the end of 2021, but it might slip into 2022.

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