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[aeolyus] Keyboard Service


These are the materials I have on hand. Other items will be sold at retail prices. If the Buyer would like to provide their own materials such as lube and film I would behappy to work out a discount for the service.

Lube Krytox 205g0, Tribosys 3203, Krytox GPL 105, Krytox XHT-BDZ
Film Deskeys


All prices are subject to change according to keyboard complexity and other similar factors.

Build Services

keeb ≤ 65% $50
75% ≤ keeb ≤ TKL $60
keeb ≥ 100% $70


Switch $0.30
Film $0.05


keeb ≤ 65% $20
75% ≤ keeb ≤ TKL $30
keeb ≥ 100% $40


The Buyer will pay all shipping costs. The Buyer may order and ship items directly from a Vendor to me and pay less shipping as a result. I recommend using Pirate Ship for shipping as they provide the cheapest shipping options.