TEST announces post-war plans to move to Delve.

Confident they are going to win the war, and want to give people time to move "at least 1 month". Participation could improve a little. Experimenting with active recloners,

15-11-2010 TownHall by Test Alliance Please Ignore

Helms Deep Announcement Fireside. 1500 people listened in on the big news, strat shift.


DOTLAN EveMaps: Map: Delve

Inner Hell evicts old Lazerhawks farm hole.

Fortizar | Pepe Bois | Killmail

Hard Knocks and Lazerhawks fight EVE University and WAFFLES. in E-Uni home hole. HK dropped an Astrahus (Loroseco described this as a content citadel) and logged off in the system. E-Uni formed up a Ferox fleet from the entire corp (as opposed to just the Wormhole Campus) and brought some friends. HK responds by bringing Lazerhawks in (WAFFLES FC describes this as pausing mid-fight for reinforcements). / Related Kills | J211936 | 2020-11-14 23:00

Dragons of Yggdrassil reset by Legacy

According to Sulley, -YGG- was reset after the rest of the coalition found out that Dreadbomb. (which is hostile to Legacy) has structures in their space, interpreted as -YGG- attempting to depart from Legacy in order to ally with AT.0.