<aside> 🤩 Offsyte is where you can easily discover and book amazing team events.


Here are some helpful tips for how to get more bookings on Offsyte. We update this list periodically with new ideas.

Use better photos and videos

Showcase what customers can expect from your event using beautiful photos and videos. Avoid stock photos!

Update your event description

Does your listing emphasize "team-building"? Here are few commonly asked questions from our customers: is this event interactive? is it engaging for my team?

The whole point of having a team outing event is to boost team morale and productivity, and to help the team bond. Convey how it checks those boxes in your listing!

Share your listing link

<aside> 👉 Share your listing link in your newsletter, email, website, social media. Backlinks will hugely help improve your listing's SEO.


Your listing link will look amazing on social media platforms - it is automatically customized to include details and a cover photo. For example, here's what this URL (https://www.offsyte.co/a/charlies-acres/virtual-visit-to-an-animal-sanctuary) looks like on social media or any sharing platform:


Make your listing more inclusive

Many teams - especially during the pandemic - are spread across the U.S. and even internationally. If you can only deliver a kit within a small geo area, consider making your listing more inclusive by adding an alternative option that doesn't require delivery so that the entire remote team can join.