We’ve struggled with staying on top of 1000 things that fly around your startup universe every single week, so we created this simple check in format, based on YC startup school check-ins.

Created by: Darja Gutnick, Co-Founder & CEO Bunch

A weekly co-founder checkin can help to keep things on track. Plan 1 hour each week, preferably at the start or the end of the day, so you have a fresh mind: Try to prepare the answers to each of the Qs below beforehand to make it most efficient and focus on discussing the points.

If you get stuck, use Roman Votes to make sure you don’t waste time in rabbit holes.


  1. On a scale 0-10 how do you think we’re doing and why?
  2. What’s going well?
  3. What can be improved?
  4. Any urgent topics that need to be discussed?
  5. Any important decisions that need to be taken?

This should be covered in a 1 hour weekly co-founder checkin. We did this regularly for about 1-2 years. Once you get traction, you can reduce the frequency.