Introduction: Our history.

MOAI Was launched on the 12th of June as the biggest BNB redistribution token and the only one with auto-claim feature. The launch was incredible and the feedback received was overwhelming. Within a few hours we hit 10M mcap and people realized that the auto-claiming was working and sending automatically BNB to each holder's wallet.

But we discovered a technical flaw. One flaw that our paid audit did not discover. By the time we realized it was not possible to fix it, some people were using it already.

This technical flaw allowed some people to exploit our contract to control the BNB pool.


More information about exploit + proof can be found at the end of this whitepaper.


From then, we made an official announcement to the community and a big panic sell followed.

This was the end of MOAI and the beginning of our redemption, the beginning of TIKI.

The TIKI Whitepaper aims to educate readers on our vision, strategy and roadmap. Below we illustrate in detail our unique redistribution mechanism.

It's an engineering achievement unheard of until now in the BSC ecosystem. We are happy to be the pioneers and are excited to showcase the new use cases that this will enable.

Safemoon was the one to bring awareness around RFI and HODL rewards. TIKI will carry the innovation torch forward. We will share our vision with the world: the first auto-claim BNB reward mechanism.


TIKI in a nutshell

TIKI is the next evolution of a yield-generating contract on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC): you get rewarded in BNB instead of tokens.

The token contract employs a static rewards systemโ€”15% of every transaction is split in two: