Program Overview

The Help Center Contribution Program is a new program we are rolling out in order to help expand the pool of available guides through client provided content. The program will likely evolved overtime, and this page will be updated accordingly as it changes.

What is the process?

🙋‍♂️Reach Out: Chat with the Team about topics you are interested in creating an guide on. Once published, this guide will be part of our Help Center!

🔍Define Scope: After the topic is decided work with us to outline your topic.

📝Write: Draft your guide in a Word document, including any necessary supporting materials (screenshots, example configurations, etc.) and sources.

📑Revise: Share your Guide with our Team for Review and Feedback.

📖Publish: After the review process is complete we will publish your guide in our Help Center and provide a shoutout in our Discord. Authors will also receive credit publicly in the guide!

Reward Structure

Our reward structure is still a work in progress and will be discussed with you during the early phases of the process until we have gathered sufficient feedback to public release a structure. All rewards will be provided in the form of account credit, and we anticipate providing a minimum account credit value of at least $5 for simple guides which are approved.

List of Topics