What makes Exceptional Presenter?

It’s all about being “natural” or “charismatic”!

It is, you’re right of course. So shall we mere mortals give up then?

It is true that some people appear “natural” and “charismatic” when they deliver a talk or presentation. But they usually neglect to tell you the real secret of their confidence and “natural” ability: that they are exceptionally well prepared, and have fine-tuned this and practised it multiple times.

I know, because I am one of those people.

Workshop participants and attendees for my keynotes often remark how “engaging”, “entertaining” and “insightful” I am sharing this with you not to brag, but to humbly tell you that I wasn’t always this good. Furthermore, I am not as good today as I will be tomorrow!

For today is another day to prepare, practice and hone my presentation, my message or my keynote.

I am not especially gifted. I am rather introverted, though I may be less frightened than some people of being the centre of attention. I am anxious before every single presentation. And I am fully prepared for 75% of them.

Another 5% is when I am caught off-guard and I am suddenly expected to speak wonderously and my mind scrambles for something poignant and fabulous.

As for the rest – those I think I can wing it. I’m wrong, of course, but they are learning moments all.

These “secrets” of great presenting are available to anyone with the will and desire to make an impact and be the change they want to make in the world.

PIMP stands for Purpose, Importance, Method, and Product.

The four essential elements of being an exceptional presenter is to be exceedingly well prepared for your presentation, indeed any communication.

Think of the last presentation you attended or watched, that resonated with you.