What is Huddle? Huddle is a video messaging app for sharing real moments & messages. Simply get together in a private group and start sharing personal messages mixed with memorable or mundane moments of your life. Because life becomes a whole lot brighter when you're focused on building meaningful relationships. ✨

What is video messaging?

Video messaging is an asynchronous form of communication that involves the exchange of short videos. Video messaging works in a similar way as instant messaging. Instead of relying on typing out your thoughts, you can capture your facial expressions and voice to deliver your message and give it that human touch. Since you talk faster than you type, you can deliver your message more quickly with video messaging than when you default to instant messaging or email. Unlike a video meeting, video messaging doesn’t require your recipient to be present. In other words, you can express or consume those video messages whenever it’s most convenient.

How does Huddle work? Download the app and sign in with your Apple ID. You can either join a huddle or start a new one. Invite people to join you and start sharing videos together. All videos will disappear after 3 days. ⏱

Is Huddle really free?

The short answer is yes. We know that we’re on to something big – a new type of communication that will enable people to really connect with each other on a more human level. To do this, the product has to be so amazing that once you start using it, you’ll like to keep using Huddle. We will focus on monetization someday using a freemium model, introducing a paid subscriptions that will give you more benefits. We don't know exactly what those will be, but we do know for sure there won't be any ads or dodgy activities such as selling your data.

Do my videos disappear? Your videos are visible for 3 days from the moment you upload them. After that, they are gone forever. Forever ever? Yes.

How long can I record a video?

Well, ultimately for as long you can press your thumb, or any other finger, at the record button. However, our app will cut you off after 24hrs of recording. Yeah, that long.

Can I use Huddle on Android? Not at the moment. Right now, Huddle is only available for iOS devices. Android will follow soon.

Can I save or export my videos? Yes, you can export all videos shared in a huddle to the camera roll on your phone. To do so, just tap the save button on the video that you want to export.

How does Huddle approach privacy and encryption? We store and log as few things as possible, only what's necessary to run the app. Only the email address using for your Apple ID will link back to you. When signing in with Apple, you can also hide your personal credentials, and we won't know your email address or name. We encrypt all data at rest and move all data over secure connections (there is no end-to-end encryption yet, but it's on our roadmap).