<aside> ⭐ Do you have a coaching program, event, podcast series, or online course and would like to offer access to multiple point-of-care learning credits on a single webpage? We provide a CMEfy Bundle Service that includes a unique page with your branding—designed to compliment your existing business model!


How it works:

  1. To get started, fill out this service request form 👉 **https://adaptrack.typeform.com/to/KdMIPZTJ**
  2. After completing the form, you’ll receive instructions including a **simple template** to fill out and send back to our concierge.
  3. Using the info you provide on the template, we’ll create a webpage with your session/module/episode titles, CMEfy links, logo, and instructions for your learners. (We can also tailor this page to include links to other resources, such as blog articles, youtube videos, etc.).
  4. If you’d like to charge your learners a fee to unlock internet point-of-care learning opportunities, we’ll generate a unique payment link with your logo and purchase instructions for your learners. CMEfy processes the transaction on your behalf and collects a 20% processing fee. You’ll receive a notification each time a learner purchases your CMEfy bundle. CMEfy submits your payouts (revenue) on a quarterly basis.
  5. CMEfy charges a $500 one-time fee to create the CMEfy bundle link page with your logo. If you decide to charge a fee to your learners, the unique payment link is also included in this service. (Note: This service is included in the non-clinician organizational subscription tier).

Bundle FAQ