I'm working at the intersection of signal processing, machine learning, and software engineering. Currently exploring the technical frontiers of wearables to shape a healthier future. I am motivated to enjoy life to the fullest while having a positive impact on other people through creative problem solving.

Current Role

As a Fellow and the Senior Director of Connected Product Software at Nike, I currently lead connected product software. I work on products like Nike’s Adapt across algorithms, firmware, mobile, and cloud.


I was the co-founder of Aktive, an embedded machine learning development platform which sold in 2019. Before Aktive, I was the VP at Ocient, where I was responsible for customer architecture and sales. My first company, Rithmio, I sold in 2016.


My Ph.D. (abd) was in engineering at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with a focus on control and estimation theory. I work on problems at the intersection of mathematics and software, enjoy getting hard things started, and find motivation in delivering on impossible asks. My preferred way to work is by building high-performing teams with healthy, casual dynamics.

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I write about the future of wearables, what I've learned as an entrepreneur, and markets that interest me. If you like building companies, sensors and wearables, or machine learning systems you might find something interesting here. You can read the full blog at https://www.adamtilton.com/.

Latest Content


My Process for Starting

If you’re looking for a quick way to articulate your startup idea, I’ve developed this Evaluating Start-Up Ideas Notion template. The template includes several useful exercises (like the Amazon Working Backwards press release) that can easily be copied and completed with each new idea you consider. The template is mostly an amalgamation of ideas and frameworks from other smart people; my focus has been on pulling it all together in one place.

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What is Healthy? The Future of Healthtech As I See It

How do you live a happy, healthy life? I have no idea. What makes me feel happy and healthy is eating well, exercising regularly, and sleeping consistently. But guessing isn't good enough for me anymore; neither is my annual 30-minute check-up. In this article I share what I wish to experience as a patient, my vision for the future of healthtech, and where we’re seeing glimpses of it.

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