From the Improvements overview, it is possible to click on any single improvement and open up a detailed view to learn more about the initiative.

Below is an explanation of all the different elements in this view.

Improvement details

The first part provides an overview of the improvement project.

More details (stop reasons, stations, etc) are shown when you click on the "Show more" button.

Improvement data

The data shown for any improvement are: "Baseline (per day)", "Target (per day)", "Current (per day)", "Last 7 days", "Total time saved"/"Total stops saved" and "Total money saved" for the stop reason that the improvement targets.

<aside> 💡 Please note that statistics are calculated based on days that have at least 10 minutes of production. But if the monitored stop reason occurs during a day, then it is included no matter if there is production for 10 min or less.


Improvement chart

The chart of the improvement gives you an overview of how the total duration or count of the stop reason(s) has changed day-by-day.