Activeloop is building Deep Lake, the vector database for all AI data. 🚀 With Deep Lake, (https://github.com/activeloopai/deeplake; 6K+ stars on GitHub), teams can store complex data, such as images, audio, videos, annotations, & tabular data, in a AI-native format and stream them to Foundational Models real-time. The team is globally distributed but primarily looking to hire in the US right now. The team behind is from Princeton, Stanford, Google, and Tesla and is backed by Y Combinator. We have recently raised a $5M seed round.

We're looking for additional great talent to execute our vision. Click here to see all available positions.

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We raised our seed in November 2021, backed by Y Combinator.

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If you are interested in any of these positions, please send us an email at hello@activeloop.ai with a LinkedIn profile or a CV. If you didn't find anything that suits your preferred role, please still shoot us a message (note that we're currently hiring only developers).

Senior Full Stack Engineer

Senior Software Architect

Senior ML infrastructure engineer

Senior C++ Engineer

ML engineer (with focus on customer success)