Accurx has a flexible working culture, meaning we do not prescribe the exact hours that you should be working or measure success by the hours you’re at your desk or online.

That said, we work collaboratively, which means we need a good amount of overlap in all of our days, to allow for meetings and avoid others being blocked waiting for your input. This is why we have Core Hours of 10am-4pm each weekday, giving accuFolk flexibility on whether they want to start/finish early or late. This is not the ‘full work day’, but the hours we would like everyone to be present or online.

Meetings can take place outside Core Hours, so please be explicit with your team on your availability, and feel free to ask them to reschedule something outside of Core Hours. Occasionally there will be whole-company meetings slightly outside core hours, but these will be publicised well in advance, and are usually recorded.

If you need to be somewhere else during Core Hours (e.g. you have a medical appointment, or you’re on a GP practice visit), please make sure your team aware. If you are struggling with working arrangements and need more flexibility, please speak to your manager.

Certain roles (e.g. Support) have specific time commitments associated with them. These will be made clear during your interview process and/or contract, and we're keen to still accommodate flexibility around this.

Other than this, we trust people to work hard and deliver :)


Most teams will have a social in each cycle. To make these as inclusive as possible, teams are welcome to do their socials in any of the following times:


Teams can also have an offsite per cycle and we'd encourage you to take the time to talk strategy, do retrospectives, trust building exercises and lots more. We'd encourage you to start sessions at 10am but feel free to provide breakfast first as people arrive. Feel free to run for the whole day, though you may want to finish at 4pm to align with core hours. You can provide lunch and expense this too. If you like, you can combine your social and offsite for the cycle.


Take them. You're not going to do your best work by just staring at a screen all day, so go for a run, play a game of pool, walk along the canal or go and eat lunch at the dining table.

Working from home

Our "3-1-1" approach:

Let's start with the first ":1:"...

1 day a week, you have flexibility about working remotely as you please - the only ask is that you communicate well with your team to let them know! Please be aware that your team will likely be working in a way which could be harder to join in with remotely, and although they will do their best to be as inclusive as possible, this might mean a sub-par experience in ceremonies, workshops and other in-person friendly discussions (e.g. slacking someone what you want on your post-its for them to place on a physical whiteboard).