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Getting started

Import existing contacts addresses

Integrate the tracking code of Friendly Automate on your website

Create simple segments

Create Emails in the Email Editor

Set up DNS records for optimum email deliverability

GDPR (EU), FADP (Switzerland), PECR (California): how to use Friendly Automate in compliance with privacy laws

How to use custom domains


Lead scoring for unknown contacts

Manage access rights to your Contacts

Store the origin of your contacts

Deal with Do Not Contacts

Export your segment members

Newsletter & E-Mails

Create Emails in the Email Editor

Create your own email theme

Transfer your email templates

Zero To Hero Newsletter Tutorial

Email formats: MJML vs. HTML

Edit your emails in code mode

Add your own preview in emails

Use your Mailchimp template with Friendly Automate

Create amazing newsletters in 20 minutes or less

The proper way to test your newsletters

Schedule a newsletter for later send

Make beautiful buttons with this trick

Tokens to be used in emails