Recently, CrewFire has experienced some internal issues related to notifications and capturing Instagram posts for engagement activities.

We wanted to give you a transparent look into what is going on, what we are doing to fix these issues and ensure they don't happen again, and a predicted timeline for when the bugs will be fixed.

Overview of the Issue

We've been monitoring the ongoing notification issue for the last month as it's been a tricky bug to troubleshoot. It seems to be affecting certain accounts more than others, but a majority of accounts have seen:

The core issue is that when our notification script runs every few minutes, and there's something in the queue, it duplicates everything pending.

This causes the queue to be overrun with stuck requests resulting in duplicate notifications and/or really late notifications.

And while we've tested various fixes to the queue process, we're going to revamp the entire notification process.

We'll be moving from a two-part (frontend and backend) notification system to one centralized one in the coming week. After it's deployed, we'll need to give it two weeks to see where we can make improvements and adjustments.

If you are experiencing issues starting this week, please reach out to us so we can continue to examine the code and see if there are any remaining bugs.

This is our complete focus as a team, and we will be available to answer any questions you have until we resolve this.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Please rest assured that we will have a much more solid product for you and your ambassadors once we move past this notification issue.