How to set up Evocon?

Hard refresh after a system update

Global groups

User accounts and profile

Changing the password

User management and user rights

Adding and managing Company administrators

Adding and managing Factory administrators

Adding and managing Office users

Adding and managing Shift View users (for operators)

Setting time restriction for Shift View and Office users

Assigning read-only rights to Shift View and Office users

Setting the default station for users

Available languages and changing user's language in Evocon

Setting the default start page

Changing format preferences for an account

Using two-factor authentication (2FA)

Logging out from all devices


Managing station groups

Managing station settings

Enabling deleting of incorrect production signals


Managing work shifts

Managing extra shifts

Downtime auto-commenting


Adding and managing products

Signal based scrap quantity

Alternative unit

Stop reasons

Managing production stop reasons

Setting maximum duration for stop reasons

Technical availability

Scrap reasons

Managing scrap reasons

Using sensors to automatically register scrap with predefined reasons

Speed loss reasons

Managing speed loss reasons


Managing alerts


Using locations for production stop and speed loss reasons


Adding and managing operators


Using Devices