Overview Remita was looking at improving their in-house onboarding platform. The goal was to redesign the existing employee onboarding experience to achieve seamless, paperless experience for new staff.

Problem Statement New employees needed a better way to transition into the company to reduce anxiety on their first day of resumption and to dive into their role.

HR team needed to have better control of the onboarding experience because the existing process is often displaced, disorganized and inefficient.

Design Process

My interview was in 3 phases.

  1. HR Team: Insight into company's perspective and how the current experience works
  2. New staff recruited within the last 2 months: To gain insight into their experience (I interviewed 15)
  3. Employees of the company: To understand what their expectations were when they joined the company and how the transition was when they resumed. (I interviewed 50)

Key Insights Gained

  1. HR Team: Current experience is stressful and requires supervision from the HR Team
  2. New staff recruited within the last 2 months: 80% of new staff wish they did not have to do any paper work at all
  3. Employees of the company: 65% wished they found out more about the company before resuming.

Experience Mapping After conducting the interviews, I created an Experience map to narrow down the data, extract insights, pain-points, opportunities and desired features. The research insight revealed that employees want to feel like the company cared about them from the very first day they resumed and they wished that the transition/onboarding process was less tedious, something they could do at the own pace, if possible finish it before resumption date.