kaiju corp, at its core, is a

group of people,

playing videogames,

enjoying each other’s company and,

working to improve.

<aside> 💡 we are first and foremost a community, but also offer coaching and mentorship opportunities to those within our network.


***You may reach out and speak to a captain of a team if you would like to join our network, or discuss ways in which we can be a blessing to you.

The fastest way to contact kaiju corp currently is to reach out to tengu or join the kaiju corp monster island discord.***

We pride ourselves on the following:

Read what it means to be a "little monster."

Teams are...

kaiju corp is owned, maintained, and mostly run by Sean Norton.

This website has been created with the help of Fruition.

God loves the homies.

we make monsters.

kaiju corp forever.