Hello, thank you for taking a pause out of your day to meet me! ๐Ÿ‘‹

I'm Nancy, currently at Carnegie Mellon University studying Information Systems and Human-Computer Interaction with minors in Design and SHIFT (Societal & Human Impacts of Future Technologies).



my story โ€”

Business. Cognitive Science. Information Systems.

I've switched between three different majors during my three semesters at Carnegie Mellon University, hoping to find the right balance between my interests at the intersection of design, technology, and business. While a business major, I participated in various business case competitions with my friends. I noticed that I always gravitated toward a designer role, and took it on myself to learn Figma to create mock-ups and slide decks for our presentations. Since then, I haven't stopped learning.

I've finally found my place at CMU studying Information Systems and Human-Computer Interaction, where I draw from my interests to collaborate in various team-based projects. I aspire to be a designer to combine my lifelong art training (taking art lessons from my mom), business knowledge, and technological background to craft interactive and ethical experiences for interconnectivity and learning. I'm always open to opportunities to practice my craft and explore digital mediums! I love meeting new people and vetting crazy ideas, whether that be through hackathons, side gigs, or ADPList chats.

In addition to my studies I enjoy reading non-fiction and biographies from tech figures and activistsโ€” I enjoy asking the whys, questioning the status quo, and thinking about ways to solve endless trivial day-to-day struggles through design. I'm always open to book suggestions, and would love to chat about any books we've cross-read, check out my bookshelf here!

Thank you for visiting my portfolio and viewing my growing collection of digital pieces. Stay tuned for more ๐ŸŒฑ ๐Ÿ˜‰

one day โ€”

I want to find the harmonious balance between humans & technology โ€” whether it be through voice, immersive tech, putting human nature first in design, or breaking away from digital tech altogether.

I want to create an accessible, flexible education system that boasts human-learning as full priority.

I want to be free from the shackles of an inefficient system and simplify long-held ineffective processes.

I want to write a journalism-interview-style novel.

I want to go to CHI and Grace Hopper in-person.

I want to revisit my roots and discover the full story of my descendants from China.

I want to forever feel like a complete beginner, learning as much as I can from others with completely different perspectives.

I want to own a cat cafe so I can see pet cats of all different fur lengths and personalities on-demand.

I want to explore all the world's best food.