about this site

all the TOK is designed to help students become familiar with the following key skills of Theory of Knowledge:

Examples in the case study index offer a demonstration of how to use specific evidence in support of a particular stance on use previous essay . These examples are all about knowledge in some way, but they do not necessarily slot into the areas of knowledge categories that are the focus for the TOK essay. The latest set of TOK essay titles will not be referenced here until after the submission deadline has passed.

The TOK exhibition prompts are explored in a series of videos dedicated to examples from popular culture.

about me

My name is Dave Haysom, and I run all the TOK. I'm the Theory of Knowledge coordinator and Head of English at Beijing World Youth Academy.

Though I will try to cover a broad range of different topics on this site, I acknowledge that my own biases will affect my selection of case studies (my own personal interests incline me towards ‣ and ‣) and analysis.

I also translate, edit, and write about Chinese Literature.

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