Everyone at HackerBay has a responsibility to prevent and stop harassment. Working remotely means that the majority of our interactions are by video call and written communication such as email or shared documents, with exception of team summits, attending conferences together and local team meetups. No matter what the method of communication, it is expected that everyone will contribute to an inclusive and collaborative working environment and respect each other at all times. Should you become aware or witness any form of harassment or behavior that violates this policy or our company values, please report the incident directly to People Operations Generalist immediately for thorough investigation.


This policy applies to all team members employed by any entity of HackerBay, whether contractor or employee, in all locations. There are local labor laws in every country and in the case of the United States, state laws, that must be followed when handling, reporting and investigating incidents of harassment. The People Operations team and legal counsel, if required, in each of those countries will be called upon to ensure compliance and the appropriate legal processes and procedures are followed.

All individual contributors, managers, and leaders will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination, for any act of harassment they commit.

Types of Harassment

The following are considered forms of harassment and will not be tolerated by HackerBay: - Sexual Harassment - Discrimination - Bullying / Workplace Violence

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is considered unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature that is sufficiently persistent or offensive enough to interfere with the receiver’s job performance or create an intimidating, hostile or offensive working environment.

Sexual harassment encompasses a wide range of conduct, examples of misconduct include, but may not be limited to, the following actions:

Physical assaults or the attempt to commit an assault of a sexual nature. This physical conduct can include touching, pinching, patting, grabbing, brushing against or poking another team member’s body.

Unwelcome sexual advances, propositions or other sexual comments, such as sexually oriented gestures, noises, remarks, jokes or comments about a person’s sexuality or sexual experience.

Preferential treatment or promises of preferential treatment to a team member for submitting to sexual conduct, including soliciting or attempting to solicit any team member to engage in sexual activity for compensation or reward.

Subjecting, or threats of subjecting, a team member to unwelcome sexual attention or conduct or intentionally making performance of the team member’s role more difficult because of that team member’s sex.

Creating displays, communications, or publications including content of a sexually offensive nature.

Purposely misgendering people, consistently referring to someone as ‘he’ after repeated requests to call someone a ‘she’ or vice versa.


Any form of discrimination towards an individual is strictly prohibited. Types of discrimination may include: