Since Captures are the foundation of OnLoop, you'll find many ways to make them throughout the app. From the Home page next to each connected colleague, by tapping Add Capture on any individual's profile, and of course, on the toolbar at the bottom of almost all your OnLoop screen.

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From there, follow these steps:

  1. Find the colleague you'd like to make a Capture on (Hint: this could be yourself!)
  2. Select the type of Capture you'd like to make, in this case an Improve
  3. Jot down your feedback, considering these 3 prompts:
  4. Select your tag category. We've gotten you started with a few signature ones including Execution, Others Orientation, Influence, Growth Mindset, Intellectual Rigor, Authentic Self and Subject Matter Expertise.
  5. Select a specific tag by tapping it — or create your own!
  6. Save your Capture privately.

<aside> 🚀 We recommend talking about Improve Captures 1:1 before sharing them in OnLoop. Once you've had that conversation, go back to your Capture by going to that person's profile (or your own profile) and tapping Share ➡️ next to the Capture in question.


How do I handle improves?

Naturally, these are tougher conversations to have. We're right there with you! The app is designed to help you do improve feedback in the most effective way, i.e., the pop up that asks if you've had the conversation first.

Also, the best thing to do is to keep the Capture as focused on the situation rather than the person. We recommend the SBI model—details here really help. And again, remember that all Captures are private by default. You can always come back to edit these!

When it comes to sharing Improves, we strongly recommend you do not share these in-app until you've discussed the Capture with your colleague either in a call or in person.

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