<aside> 💡 ren ( 仁 ): The Confucian virtue denoting the quality of being altruistic


🔭 Our Vision

To spark serendipitous moments in people's lives

🧭 Our Mission

To help people strengthen and leverage their relationships to achieve their goals and create more value.

⚖️ Our Values

Our values guide how we work together and treat each other.

Respect everybody.

Everyone has their own story. Everyone has faced adversity we haven’t. Everyone has achievements beyond our own. Everyone has a different perspective to add.

Leave your ego at the door.

Ego is our own enemy. It holds us back from engaging in open dialogue with genuine curiosity and pure desire to find truth.

Be honest.

Don’t lie - especially to yourself. If we don’t know, we start with “I don’t know, but here’s a thought”. With our egos at the door, there is no need for deception.

Share knowledge.

Humility is great. Holding back potentially valuable information is not. Document your ideas, explain your process and proactively share your progress and results with the team.

Process over gut.

Describe the problem and available data. Explain your logic to solve the problem. Outline your conclusion & solution. Process enables the team to help you succeed.

Never enough.

While we celebrate our victories - in our pursuit for excellence, agility and meaningful work, we strive to always do better.