Welcome to the Bounty board! Here's how you use it:

**** (you can use <tab> to go to each part of the commands as you enter them)

As a Bounty creator:

/bounty create title: <what you're calling it> reward: <amount and currency, e.g. 100 BANK>****

You will then be asked in your DM channel for a description, completion

criteria, and a due date. This is the only bot command that is required. Everything else

in the flow can be done by clicking on the bounty card message reactions in your DM channel.


for-role: <Discord role that has permission to claim this bounty>

for-user: <Discord user that has permission to claim this bounty>

require-application:  <Prospective claimants must first apply/pitch for the bounty>

Note: You will need to use the /bounty assign command to assign permission-to-claim to an applicant.

claimants: <Max number of claimants for a bounty. 0 to 100, with 0 implying infinite>

/bounty publish bounty-id: <bounty to publish>

Publish a created bounty to the Bounty Board (if you didn't immediately publish after creating it).

/bounty assign bounty-id: <bounty to assign> for-user: <user who will get permission to claim>

Assign a bounty from the list of applicants.

/bounty complete bounty-id: <bounty to complete>

Mark a bounty complete (if you didn't use the Complete message reaction).


notes: <Notes about completed bounty you wish to attach>

/bounty delete bounty-id: <bounty to delete>    Delete a bounty that is in the Draft or Open state.


notes: <Notes about the deleted bounty you wish to attach>

/iou owed-to: <person who did the work> reward: <amount and currency> why: <details about the work done>

Creates a completed bounty for work already done.

As a Bounty claimant:

Typically you would claim (or apply for) a bounty, or submit your work, by clicking on the appropriate message reaction at the bottom of the bounty card in the Bounty Board channel. But these commands are available to do it manually:

/bounty claim bounty-id: <bounty to claim>

Claim a bounty

/bounty apply bounty-id: <bounty to apply for>

Pitch or apply for a bounty. You will then be asked in your DM why you should be chosen. If you are chosen, you can then claim the bounty

/bounty submit bounty-id: <bounty to submit>

Submit work you did on a bounty.