Our values are what we do, not what we say, so Jacob and Laurence didn’t sit around and dream these up.

At our 2018 summer retreat, everyone (7 of us at the time) sat down and wrote down a list of 'reasons we work well together' and 'reasons I like coming to work'. 150+ post-it-notes later we clustered these reasons into the groups below.

Us working out what we value...

Us working out what we value...

Our team has set the bar high, and we owe it to them only to hire people who exhibit these values - this is why we do our values interview and encourage everyone in the company to get involved with this. If you'd like to learn more about how we came up with values, Jacob wrote a great blog here.

Below are our company values. Each value has a top level description, a couple of sentences about what it means to us and some examples of "How we work" to try and meet this value.

1. On a mission

Everything we do should contribute to making patients healthier, staff happier and health systems more efficient.

2. Always collaborating

We optimise for team success over individual success. Everyone’s problems are my problems.

3. Kaizen (AKA Continuous improvement)

We’re always iterating to make things better: culture, processes, products... When things don't work out as planned, we learn from it. These improvements are everyone's responsibility, from the day they join.

4. Responsible ownership

We take pride in our work, individually and as a team, and act responsibly, even when nobody is watching. We're problem solvers with a bias for action, who love a good challenge. We don't cut corners when it comes to security, safety or quality.

5. Balance

We know that we do our best work when we're healthy and happy outside of work.