In the last section, you learned about Deploying and interacting with the contract. Now, you will learn to Integrate your contract with frontend using Taquito and beacon SDK. In this section you will learn the following:

Let's get started.

NOTE: In this tutorial, we will be using the Taquito library in a React project. So, if you don't have experience with javascript, check out PyTezos for Python or tezster-dart package for Flutter.

1. Clone repository

You can clone the T**ezos-Starter-Project** repository by using the following command and navigate to the respective directory.

git clone <>
cd Tezos-Starter-Project

2. Install dependencies

For installing the required dependencies for the project, run the following:

npm install

3. Tezos setup

The tezos.js file in src/ folder will contain all the tezos related code. Follow the following steps.

  1. Update configurations

    You have to provide the contract address for the contract you deployed. If you haven't deployed any contract then you can use the default contract address as provided in the code. Also, you can change the RPC_URL and NETWORK in case you have deployed your contract to any other testnet.

    // Update CONTRACT_ADDRESS and other constants below as required
    const DAPP_NAME = "Tezos Developer Hub"
    const RPC_URL = "<>";
    const NETWORK = "granadanet"
    const CONTRACT_ADDRESS = "KT1VpKSj44yAVShjPt5AAXksaMYn3xKsB46c"