Save time by creating your favorites list! We do recommend that our clients do it when they first use the platform.

To add a data series to your favorites, look for the commodity and display it. All you have to do is click on the button Add to Favorites on the top right-hand corner of your screen.

Once added, you will find all your favorites under the tab "Favorites" so that you do not have to look for them next time you log in.

Saving a data series in your favorites will also allow you to receive directly by email, once a month, the last updated value for all your favorites.

Your Favorites will feed ‣ "Favorites".

<aside> 💡 You can bookmark the same data series with modified parameters (a version in € and a version in $; a version in weekly frequency and a version in monthly frequency...)


Favorites organization

You can create folders to organize your "Favorites" list more easily.

Click the + button on the "My Favorites" line to create a new Category.

You can rename it later by clicking on ”Update the Category”.

You can drag and drop one or more data series (Ctrl) from one category to another by selecting them with the button


<aside> ⚠️ You can only drag and drop between private categories or between shared categories


Favorites sharing

You can manage your Favorites privately or share them with your team.

To share with your team, click on ”Update the Category” then ”Administrate” at the bottom right.

You will then have access to the list of your collaborators, to whom you can grant rights to