<aside> 💡 Did you know that the latin word for infrastructure engineering is columna? Ok, so that’s not actually true, but infrastructure is the pillar of our engineering practices here at Privy. In order to delight users, our tooling must be backed by strong infrastructure enabling all other work to be done. Like an aqueduct of old, Privy’s infrastructure feeds all other parts of the construction, the pillar on which everything else can grow.


We seek an outstanding backend software engineer focused on infrastructure to lay the foundations for a private and sovereign Web. As a backend engineer at Privy, you'll help design and deploy resilient infrastructure core to the Privy API and architect backend components that enable the Privy API to run at scale. You will ensure we deploy high-quality, reliable software to our customers and enable developers to build better products without putting their users at risk.

Engineering at Privy

Engineering at Privy is not just about writing world-class code. We create software that turns complex technical systems into delightful developer tools. We assemble tried-and-true primitives into intuitive, responsive APIs and beautiful interfaces. We believe in open-source work and transparency with our teammates and users. We encourage each other to think big, run experiments and follow our curiosity so we can build better tooling that lets developers shine and empowers their users.

As an Infrastructure Engineer at Privy, you will…

You may be a fit for this role if you have...