The ScorePlay API is a REST API accessible through HTTPs. All endpoints return JSON-encoded responses and uses standard HTTP response codes and verbs.


The ScorePlay API uses API keys to authenticate requests. Please contact a ScorePlay admin in order to obtain your API key.

Authentication to the API is performed via the api_key query parameter. All API requests should be made over HTTPs.

i.e. Base URL

	curl <{endpoint}?api_key={api_key}>

Object formats

All objects have a unique ID (uint64).

e.g. a media object.

	"ID": 2174923,
  "UpdatedAt": "2022-10-05 09:42:57.489818+00",
	"name": "stadium_picture.png",


Any change that you make to the API will be pushed to every user in real-time: i.e. creating medias.

Rate limits

To keep incoming traffic under control and maintain a great experience for all our users, our API is behind a rate limiter. Users who send many requests in quick succession may see error responses that show up as status code 429.

ScorePlay allows up to 120 requests/min.