The doc provides details on Koncrete's subscription plans and billing services.

Subscription Tiers

There are three subscription tiers in Koncrete:

Additionally, Koncrete provides custom plans if these options don't adequately work with your team - Contact Us to learn more.


The Free tier is the extremely lean free tier. It includes the basic functionality of Koncrete but with limited resources, down to a single user, a single cluster, and a single git repository. This tier is primarily designed for hobby projects and testing.

A few key details of the Free plan:

Koncrete still provides hosting services for the Free tier, so there are a few other details to consider. To prevent unnecessary expenses, projects that do not have a new commit within 7 days will enter dormant mode. When this occurs, the application will pause automatic syncing until manually resumed. Note that this will not affect the current deployment, but for future deployments the application will need to be manually re-enabled.


The Starter tier is a cost-effective tier designed with startups in mind. It includes all of the features of the Free tier while upgrading the capacity to support a more active and developed team.

The Starter tier comes with: