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How-To Articles

Email Campaigns

Creating a Drip Campaign

Creating an HTML Email Template

Campaigns in "Pending Approval" Status

Downloading HTML Email Templates

Hard Bounce Rates

Attachments to Email Campaigns

Differing "From" Fields from User to User

Campaign Reports

Videos and Email Marketing

Plain Text Email

Ready-to-Use Email Templates

Unsubscribe Link in Emails

RSS-based Email Campaigns

Email Content Personalization

Resending Email Campaigns

Boosting Email Open Rates

Deliverability of Image-only vs. HTML-based Emails

Sendloop Badge on Email Footers

Deliverability and the "From" Field Name Value

Spam Filters

Google Analytics Integration

Unique Open and Click Rates

Remote Content

Creating Your Own Drag-n-Drop Email Template

Creating an HTML Email Template

Email Deliverability

Email Authentication

Dedicated Delivery IP Addresses

Emails Delivered to Spam Folders

The "on behalf of" Notice in Email Clients

Maximizing Inbox Delivery Success