About Sora

The US education system is broken, and we’re building its replacement. Sora is a no-compromises approach to building the best high school in the world.

Traditional high schools have always done the same thing: make students memorize content, test them, score them, and rank them. As a result, students are losing their creativity, motivation, and are unprepared to succeed in the real world.

Sora is a high school, reimagined. At Sora, students craft their own educational journey. They don't attend lecture-based classes or read old textbooks—they're building video games, writing fantasy novels, conducting scientific research, debating the nature of reality, and more! In addition to learning the content you would expect in a high school experience, they also develop important soft skills, learn about financial literacy, philosophy, and more. Our school is organized into small, tight-knit cohorts so every group of students and faculty can feel close and engaged in their community.

We’re accelerating students toward their wildest dreams and can't wait for you to join us!

Job Description

The Head of Design is a leadership role that is responsible for coordinating a small team in user research and UI/UX design. Our design team is currently only two people so the candidate must be willing to get their hands dirty as a player-coach. However, we've recently raised a significant amount of capital and thus will be scaling our product function over the next twelve months. The products we create, namely our custom learning management system, make Sora’s innovative and affordable school model possible. If you love to question the way things are, synthesize complexity into elegance, and lead fellow designers, apply below!


  1. Lead a growing design team.
  2. Work with the product team to synthesize complexity and hold priorities at every stage of the design process.
  3. Create design systems to propel us into the future.
  4. Plan and facilitate user experience research.
  5. Devise delightful interactions that are clear, focused, and beautiful.
  6. Translate product opportunities into design constraints and user stories.
  7. Be bold and ask questions that have never been asked before.


  1. Four or more years of professional design experience.
  2. Two or more years of design leadership experience.