You can´t afford not to be associated with Eco

It is very clear today how all the investment made with a long term outlook that it has to be associated with some sort of impact, and hospitality is not the exepction.

On the contrary, as travel and over-tourism are completely associated with negative impact on our society the theme of eco accommodation is the train no company can miss.

Being part of our events you will have an unparalleled exposure to the businesses that will stand the test of time.

The future is already here!

Digital vs. in Person events Exposure

The dynamics of a virtual event is completely different from an in person event, and the biggest mistake people make is to try to replicate in digital what would happen in person. Same is happening with our education systems with our teachers trying to use the same classroom methods with Zoom. It does not work.

Same goes for brand visibility and engagement, a quick example based on our events:

On a 100 people session if the speaker refers a specific brand website what happens:

Half of the people have had direct engagement with a brand link we have shared in our events, that's crazy from any marketing standard.

Networking is challenge to emulate online and platforms have been quickly evolving to meet the demand, with our platform we have 3 ways to do it:

1 —> You can see all the participants and their public details and reach out directly if they acept