This is a working document to capture what we know about our brand.

For some inspiration, check out:Bankless Academy: Branding Handbook

Brand Values

We are sustainable

We're building a product and team for the long term, and so we do our best to leave things better than we found them. We enjoy ourselves while doing our best work, and we strive to build something that our users will love. Working Sustainably

adjectives: user-focused, long-term, continual improvement

We are inclusive

We're building something that anyone can use, and therefore invite everyone to help build it. We want you to join us. Diverse perspectives make us more resilient and thus more sustainable. As a team and product, we are accessible, helpful, and encouraging.

adjectives: simple, human, easy-to-use

We are a community

None of us can build this on our own. We need each other. Beyond building, we can only be successful with the support of the communities we're part of. We're continually building and strengthening relationships with our teammates, our communities, and the outside world.

adjectives: honest, credible, open

We are creative

This goes beyond "creativity" - we are creation itself. We aren't satisfied with what's easy, we want what's best for ourselves, for our users, and for the world. We work iteratively and relentlessly; we don't rush, we simply move forward every week. When in doubt, we create.

adjectives: elegant, artistic, innovative, action-biased

Design Aesthetic

Rainbow, Retro-futurism, simplicity

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Brand Voice

Cheeky, credible, helpful