Deadline for Applications: 26th of August [extended]

Location: Remote

Amsterdam or somewhere else in Europe is preferred for logistical reasons.

Contract: 4 months part time with the possibility to extend

We have payroll systems set up in Canada, the UK and some upcoming for Sweden and potentially the Netherlands. Currently outside of these countries we are only able to contract on a freelance basis but it would still be a permanent commitment and the additional burden is factored into the pay formula (see below)

FTE: 2-3 days a week, with possibility to extend to full time

Pay: see our org-wide pay formula below

About Us

In a context of climate breakdown and technological disruption, Dark Matter Labs focuses on accelerating societal transition towards collective care, shared agency, long-termism and interconnectedness. Our daily work ranges from policy and regulation to finance and data, from governance and democratic participation to organisational culture and identity.

We organise our work around what this transition needs, and the things we want to see in the world. To keep that transparent, we undertake open work in collaborative partnerships to provoke alternative visions of the future, designing how they might look in practice, and experimenting in context to reveal how they could work and enable the necessary change. More about us here.

About This Role

Dark Matter Labs is building on its work, with new programmes, locations, teams, systems and approaches being built. We are looking to recruit an amazing person who enjoys hands on experimentation with software technology and emerging technological paradigms for the work of designing socio-technical systems in the space broadly classified as civic-tech.

We currently have legal entities in the UK, the Netherlands, Sweden, South Korea and Canada with a joint turnover in 2021 around £3million and a team of around 60. We expect this to grow by around 30-50% in 2022.

Dark Matter Labs is working with the municipality of Amsterdam and other partners in the Netherlands to accelerate the Circular Economy in the Netherlands through enabling policymakers and strategists to use and re-use excising law and regulation. We aim to do this by the creation of an open public service including a digital platform.

The work has a strong focus on practical execution; it also encompasses design based research and learning through experimentation. We expect that the balance between these areas will regularly shift and rebalance.

The scope of this work is to carry forward development of existing digital web application, coordinate with design team to work on next set of features following agile paradigm. The web application includes creating interface around JSON based legal data, filtering and searching, and exploring data visualisation.

In this role your focus will likely be split across some key areas of work: