Phlote’s reward system is designed to transform curatorial work into financial value that’s transmitted to the community through $PV1 tokens.

The goals of the reward system are to:

  1. Reward high quality curation
  2. Encourage engagement
  3. Identify talented artists and curators

The Phlote economy is underpinned by a unique social token ($PV1). View here.

One million $PV1 tokens have been minted for distribution through the curation protocol to curators and artists who actively share music on

There are two paths to earning Phlote tokens.

  1. Curator submissions allow individuals to archive music they discover and earn tokens for putting other members on to new music. Submissions are critical to identifying and preserving music that’s important to share and the first step towards amplifying deserving artists.

  2. Artists are able to share music files on the site. Unlike curator submissions, artist submissions that receive 5 cosigns are automatically launched as NFTs on Ethereum and Polygon with mint fees paid by Phlote.