I'm an Engineer turned 💻Product Designer based out of 📌Delhi, India.

I mediate between user needs, business objectives, and technical feasibility to help produce designs that impact users.

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Selected Projects

Making Banking Awesome for Startups


Product Design Internship, Razorpay (Remote)

June-July 2021

I worked with the X Design Team on transaction experiences and focussed on covering edge cases for payouts.

Carried out end-to-end work on 3 mini projects with the transactions team.

Rejoining the team this September🎉

<aside> 🔒 I’d love to show you what I made, let’s hop on a call!


Enabling Business for SMEs through WhatsApp


Product Design Task for Razorpay

4 days; December 21

During the winter of ‘22, Razorpay released a problem set for product design roles. The task was to enable the local stores to sell items through WhatsApp.

<aside> 🔒 Read my submission {PS - It’s not a catalogue approach😉}


A Gamified Wellness Feature for Corporate Employees


Concept Product Design Project

7 days, November’21

As a personal project, I designed a Wellness Feature to help users track the number of steps taken, calories burnt, etc, and reward them with benefits — making the overall experience of being fit more fun, engaging, exciting & rewarding.