<aside> 📹 Measuring and benchmarking networks and network protocols is not an end, but a means to an end, which is to use the findings to: i) identify bottlenecks, ii) quantify the available space for improvement, and iii) design protocol optimizations.


The Protocol Benchmarking & Optimization Team (ProbeLab) is on a mission to measure the performance of Web3.0 network protocols, benchmark protocols against target performance milestones and propose improvements to their core design principles.

🎯 What is in scope: Our work focuses on internal network protocol logic, as well as cross-protocol interoperation and network architecture. We start from the protocol as an independent entity and dive into its mechanics. We then investigate the exogenous factors that influence the performance of the protocol, as well as the influence that this protocol has on other parts of the system. We specialize and work on network-layer protocols.

What is out of scope: We currently do not have the capacity to focus on implementation particulars, such as for example, software structure/architecture, memory consumption and CPU utilization, or performance of serialization techniques.

Completed Projects

Uptime and Churn of IPFS Network Nodes

Current Projects

Ongoing: Protocol Measurement & Benchmarking

Flare NAT Hole-punching Success Rate

DHT Routing Table Health

Provider Record Liveness

Location of IPFS end-users and requested content

Ongoing: Protocol Optimization


Future / Open Projects

These are projects we plan to work on in the future. If you’re interested to contribute get in touch. We do have funding available to support work on those projects. The list is roughly in order of priority by a combination of criticality, impact and complexity criteria.