The Applicant is here by called as "Explorer"


  1. The Experience is related to an educational purpose and there is no guarantee or expectation that the activity will result in employment with the Company.
  2. The education and knowledge received by the Explorer from the Experience are for the express benefit of the Explorer.
  3. None of the work assigned to the explorers will be compulsory. Explorers will be responsible for only that work which they are willing to work upon.
  4. The Explorer will keep his/her mentor informed about all necessary information, including related assignments and reports.
  5. The Company does not derive an immediate advantage from the activities performed by the Explorer.


  1. In case of any doubts in the work assigned, the Explorer can schedule a meeting with the mentor.
  2. The working hours will be flexible, i.e. The tasks assigned can be done according to the Explorer's comfort.


  1. The Explorer is not entitled to wages or any compensation or benefits for the time spent in the Startup Experience program. This program is purely for experience and educational purposes, wherein no cash incentives or stipend is promised by the company.
  2. All the project work done during the program is the sole property of the company. If you want to retain your work after the experience then you can do the same with the permission of your mentor.

General Policy

  1. The Company is not liable for any injury sustained or health conditions that may arise for the Explorer during the course of the Program.
  2. Under no circumstances will the Explorer leave the program without first conferring with their respective supervisor.
  3. The Explorer shall obey the policies, rules, and regulations of the Company and comply with the Company’s business practices and procedures.
  4. Explorer will demonstrate honesty, punctuality, courtesy, cooperative attitude, proper health, and a willingness to learn.
  5. The Company at its sole discretion may at any time terminate the Explorer's Experience program with notice or cause.