We are hiring our first Customer Success Engineer at OfficeTogether to build tools for companies with flexible work policies! We believe +70% of companies will go hybrid-remote, meaning that teams may meet a few times a week or month instead of daily, and they will need clever scheduling and planning tools to optimize their time together and the company's commercial real estate. At OfficeTogether, you will be enabling the greatest leap into hybrid remote work of our lifetimes while working with a fun, fast-moving team.

About OfficeTogether

OfficeTogether is building critical scheduling and org infrastructure for the next generation of companies, those on the hybrid remote spectrum. We are an office reservation and scheduling software that helps teams coordinate time in the office together and execs plan real estate needs against historical + predicted capacity. We are currently live in Europe and the US with paying customers. We have raised a healthy seed round of funding and offer very large equity grants and competitive salaries to the early team.

The Team

We are a team based in San Francisco, NY and Romania/Moldova. Amy has 10 years of software engineering from Coinbase, Facebook and Harvard. She is a growth hacker at heart, running experiments at Coinbase that led to double digit revenue growth and has led teams in growth, internationalization, payment methods, onboarding and Android dev. This is her second startup.

Our founding engineer #1 left Facebook after 4 years, Harvard Computer Science, and will be building the US-based engineering team out of New York.

Engineer #2 was a staff engineer and tech lead at Google, Duke grad, and will also be in NY! He has mentored 20+ engineers and has a passion for teaching.

Finally, we have a mighty team of 8 engineers based in NY and Romania and a Creative Director in SF (previously Google and Amazon) who knows how to move fast with the customer experience always top of mind. Our technical team will be mainly based in New York, with design and the CEO based in SF. You can work from anywhere! The ability to come to the NY office is a plus.

About You

You love working at the intersection between engineering and customer relations. You know how to empathize with customers and pride yourself in your ability to explain difficult technical concepts to non-technical people. You care deeply about people loving the tools that your team has built and staying organized and on top of customer feedback.

You also love diving into code. You have a penchant to debug tricky problems and to build hacks to automate your work. You may even consider yourself a hacker at heart. You know that building customer success tools will help the team and company scale and succeed in the long term.

You are ambitious and driven, and are obsessed with learning and growing as fast as possible.

What you'll do on the job

Our Tech Stack