🧖🏻 take the pressure off

July 27, 2022

forever working on deliberately calling out wack / false / and even very-real pressure. unnecessary vibes trying their best to change or full-stop our plans and goals. stresses that don’t need to be there as we have plenty else to worry about.

came up with a nice way to look at this pressure the other night while walking to a show just up the street from my house, thrown by the amazing twelvetwo crew in tucson.

on my way to the club, stresses started to pop up

so i started calling out these options as i walked the 10 minutes or so to the club. naming them very directly, and laughing about how none of them matter at all. i realized i was releasing this pressure valve in my body, a tightness giving way to openness.

taking the pressure off, naming it and moving forward, also put me in a place to have a pretty f’n life changing chat.

i saw an artist who was part of a group of community members that called out my friend and very much changed my life 5 years ago. our band and business dissolved and he moved out of town. as the years went by, i learned from how i reacted back then—how i could have responded more proactively for myself and for this community. less judging, more learning and growing on repeat. the work i’ve been doing to take off the pressure gave me the space to walk right up to this artist and say hi. they thanked me for for initiating a convo and i returned the gratitude. we didn’t need to get into the past. talking about right now and the future was enough to say it all at once. we hugged it out and the sense of calm and relief was so big. an ultimate pressure drop.

since this night my wife and i keep finding more spaces to take the pressure off. going into situations and realizing where this pressure isn’t serving us. releasing it and getting to be.