<aside> 🏛️ Commonwealth is an all-in-one governance platform for crypto communities.


Commonwealth combines the core functionality of Discourse, Snapshot, on-chain voting, and network analytics all into one place via a crypto-native product. This means decentralized governance, community discussions, treasury management, and more happen all on Commonwealth.

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Communities Supported

Product Features

(BETA) Communities are currently able to create their own Commonwealth space via self-serve creation. This currently allows for ERC-20, Substrate, Sputnik DAO, and off-chain communities.

Common Protocol

While commonwealth.im is the most user-friendly way to help communities, they can directly build on top of an underlying protocol. We combine several key features into an integrated, cohesive protocol and user interface:

<aside> 👪 Communities: each community is a DAO for collectively managing an integrated forum.


<aside> 📽️ Projects: for raising Kickstarter-like crowdfunding