<aside> 🏛️ Commonwealth is an all-in-one governance platform for crypto communities.


Commonwealth combines the core functionality of Discourse, Snapshot, on-chain voting, and network analytics all into one place via a crypto-native product. This means decentralized governance, community discussions, treasury management, and more happen all on Commonwealth.

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Product Features

<aside> 🗣 Crypto-Native Forum


Commonwealth offers a fully crypto-native forum as an alternative to Discourse. Utilizing wallet logins for discussion and governance in one platform improves transparency and user experience.

<aside> ⛓️ On-Chain Governance


Commonwealth offers support for a robust list of on-chain governance contracts. Simply linking a governance contract address with a community will integrate full on-chain proposal creation and voting.

<aside> 📷 Snapshot Support


Communities can associate a Snapshot space with their Commonwealth community with two-clicks. This integration will feed all past and present Snapshot proposals and enable voting and proposal creation via the community interface.

<aside> 🙋 One-Person-One-Vote Polls


Beyond On-Chain governance and Snapshot votes, all communities can add One-Person-One-Vote Polls to any discussion thread. This helps serve as a temperature check devoid of token-weighted measures before submitting formal proposals.

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