When you have completed the assignment, please name the file in accordance with this naming pattern: [YOUR FULL NAME]-Assignment for [NAME OF THE ROLE THE ASSIGNMENT IS FOR] and upload it to **this dropbox.**

Implement an Android app for photo and/or video editing. The critical features the app must have are:

  1. Allow the user to specify an image and/or video somehow (select existing and/or capture new)

  2. Apply at lease one edit to the image and/or video (add text, modify color, warp, etc.)

  3. Allow the user to save the modified version of the image and/or video

Details are left up to you. The app is expected to be usable, if rudimentary.
With only an hour, compromises will need to be made, please bias your time towards the technical implementation, visual design is secondary. Pay attention to how the code you write can be extended in the future. If it's not obvious from the code, please provide comments on how the code can be extended or improved.