Hero cards

They contain the different characters in the game. Each one has a unique skill.

Health tokens

Used to display the health state of each hero. A health token on its red side is called a "health container" (❤) and on its dark side it's called an "empty health container" (🖤).

Whenever you are dealt any damage, flip one of your ❤ to turn it into a 🖤.

If all your tokens are empty (🖤) your current hero is eliminated.

Treasure cards

They contain all kind of usable items that the heroes can pick up during their adventures. And also 4 orb cards.

There are four types of treasure cards:


Your goal is to gather the 4 legendary orbs that can grant any wish.

All 4 orbs are initially shuffled into the treasure deck, among all kinds of artifacts and weapons that will help you in your adventure.

You must collect the orbs either by drawing cards from the deck, defeating other heroes or stealing them using special cards and tactics.

Winning conditions