Flightcontrol Code of Excellence

Flightcontrol is solving the huge gap between Heroku and AWS

Today there is a big tradeoff between Heroku (and it’s derivatives) and AWS. Heroku is easy to use but very limiting and restricting. AWS gives you full power and control but is a nightmare to use. We solve this by providing a layer on top of a company’s own AWS account that makes it very easy to use while still letting them pop the hood and leverage the raw power of AWS directly.

The classic problem with things like Heroku is that you inevitably reach a point of scale at which you outgrow Heroku and have to undergo a time consuming and expensive migration to AWS directly. So our approach is to bring the Heroku style DX (or better!) to your own AWS account. With Heroku they have a custom layer of infrastructure between you and AWS. But with Flightcontrol, there is no custom infra — it’s just pure AWS and your services can scale as much as AWS can scale.

Our approach is to take the best AWS services (like Fargate and RDS), give you the very best in class setup possible, and make them extremely simple and easy to use . For example, we automatically configure Cloudfront in front of Fargate services.

Customers are in love with the product, saying things like “you’ve nailed the simplicity without sacrificing control” and “this is probably the best way I’ve ever deployed my software”.

Seed Investors — March 2022



Preseed Investors — October 2021