<aside> 💭 For some people, the menopause can have little impact on their daily life, but for others, they can experience a whole range of symptoms that can last for several years and have a negative impact on their work and personal life. Whether it be that your sleep is being disrupted, you’re experiencing psychological distress or that you’re experiencing heavy and painful periods, the menopause can effect people differently so it’s important that you know what support is available.



The menopause is a natural part of life. Put simply, it happens when someones oestrogen levels drop and they stop having their periods. The menopause is described as more of a ‘transition’ rather than a ‘one off’, as the symptoms and effect on someones health are typically experienced for several years after it’s begun. Generally this happens between the ages of 45-55, but for some it can be much earlier or later than this.

We know that not all women go through the menopause, and not all those who go through the menopause are women. We’re committed to fostering an inclusive and safe working environment for everyone — please reach out if there’s something you need from us to make your time at work more comfortable.

Support Available

<aside> 💭 We’re designing our policies and explainers to be inclusive and meaningful. They’re not exhaustive and we recognise that we might not always get it right. Please be candid with your feedback and suggestions.

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