At JUCR we're revolutionizing the way people charge their electric vehicles.

A complete new way of charging. Don’t think about the process itself - just pick the right location and you’re ready to go! A new kind of mobility also needs a new kind of solution to increase the comfort of mobility. This is why we are focusing on simplicity throughout our whole ecosystem and also in all internal processes. Make something complex is easy, but it also makes you slow.

We believe in a carbon-neutral future and want to support this process with our ecosystem:

The change from fuel cars to electric vehicles.

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Keep it simple

Simplicity is king. Combining something really simple with high performance is difficult but generates the highest comfort for the user. The only way to reach this goal is to forget everything you already know and start from scratch.

Be different

If you look like everybody, nobody will notice you. Have courage to be different. Don't follow old rules and try new things.

See opportunities, not risks

Focusing on risks stops creativity and new solutions. Believing in opportunities changes the world in a new manner.