For starters, I am currently a second year in the Interaction Design program at Sheridan. Born and raised in Scarborough, Toronto - a suburb that caused me to grow up fast. Due to my mental health issues going unrecognized for twenty years of my life, I lived life as a circle trying to fit into a triangle. Although I perfected the masking of neurotypicality, that did not mean I didn’t suffer from the symptoms of my then unbeknownst diagnoses. I struggled and faced barriers big and small, and I’m proud to say that I am here today to share my ideas with the world.

I want to do my best to bring awareness, smash stigmas, and educate people on what neurodivergence is. My goal is to make sure I prevent anyone running into as many roadblocks as I did and to contribute to a safer and more informed society. Design is my starting place, but the stars are my destination ✨

Peace, Love, and Serotonin

Stef ♡