Installation guide

3D Secure on Android requires the addition of the io.primer:3ds-android library to your project. This library is currently held on a Primer’s artifactory.

<aside> ⚠️ If the library is not setup, 3DS will fail. In the case of a 3DS triggered by the workflow, the resumeError event will be fired.


Add the URL to our artifactory to your


Amend the repositories section of your app's build.gradle to include our artifactory

repositories {
		/* Other repositories... */

    maven {

Finally, amend the dependencies section of your app's build.gradle to include the 3ds-android library

dependencies {
	/* Other dependencies... */

	implementation "io.primer:3ds-android:1.1.0"

Usage in sandbox

Use the following card number to trigger a 3DS challenge on the Android SDK with the workflow: 9120 0000 0000 0006